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Famous Architects Dressed as their Buildings


Famous architects dressed as their buildings – Society of Beaux-Arts Architects – 1931

Phlegm – Crocodle Oslo

Artist Phlegm was at work in Oslo ahead of ARD POP-UP.

Forest Office

Office embedded in the forest floor.  Nature as daily inspiration.

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Great concept by Sonik Module mimicking the form of the Chinese Dragon, becoming a continuous element throughout the city that purposefully intersects with all elements of the city:  the road, buildings, public transport, parks.  A nice way to unify the diverse components of a city.

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Stinkfish London

Unurth is featuring another Stinkfish portrait. This piece can be found in London.

Bumblebee and Zio Ziegler on Unurth

Bumblebee and Zio Ziegler are featured today on the Unurth Site. The piece is called “The Guardian.